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As the founder and president of Change 360, I welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our site!

Change 360 is a global change consulting and strategy firm based in Atlanta, Georgia—specializing in software and business transformation change initiatives. After years of managing organizational changes for Fortune 500 clients and their people around the globe, I began to notice a growing need that was beyond the scope of managing single change initiatives…

providing adaptive and long range change solutions

Daily, businesses, government entities, and non-profits alike are being bombarded with changes. Some changes require the expert assistance of a consultant, while others are better addressed internally.  However, even handling changes in-house often requires the guidance or coaching of a consultant if only temporarily.

our approach

And, that is where Change 360 comes in: we are a company committed to approaching each client with a sense of partnership and integrity that seeks the best solution for the client and the one that serves their long-term needs

On occasion, when skill building is needed, we provide change leadership training and coaching. When the skilled eye and close attention of an expert is needed, we enlist our organizational change management consultants.  No matter the solution, we’re here to empower our clients to boldly navigate change.

If your organization is undergoing change or looking to build the change leadership capabilities of your people, we welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you, so we might help deliver exceptional value to your organization!

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Olivia Rayn
Founder & President

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